About Me:

I am a Quantitative Trader living in Chicago. I work at the aptly named Chicago Trading Company. I am deeply involved with building, designing, and optimizing options market making execution systems.

I received a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University where I studied Math, Economics and Computer Science.

Things I have experience with:

  • Python (scripting and writing libraries)
  • Kafka and Stream Processing (Scaling production and consumption, KSQLDB, PySpark Structured Streaming, Faust)
  • Databases (SQL, Snowflake, Postgres, Redis, Mongo)
  • Data Engineering (getting data from one place to another in a usable format, DAGs, PySpark)
  • Data Science (Numpy, Pandas, Sklearn)
  • Visualization and Building Dashboards (Jupyter, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Panel, Bokeh, Dash)


In September 2018, I published my first book Breaking Through. It was the #1 bestseller on Amazon it its category!

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If you're curious, I built this website using Gatsby and React! Want to connect? My email is christopheryguo [at] gmail [dot] com.