I am a Quantitative Trading Analyst living in Chicago. I work at the aptly named Chicago Trading Company where I'm part of the options market making execution team. To improve trading results, I use Python to create data visualizations, which help me analyze trading decisions and their performance.

I received a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University where I studied Math, Economics and Computer Science.

My current interests: quantitative finance, markets, machine learning, and mechanism design. I also like writing essays, driving across the US to stay in middle-of-nowhere AirBnbs, watching Olympic Weightlifting YouTube videos, learning Go (the game), and drinking light roast black coffee.

In September 2018, I published my first book Breaking Through. It was the #1 bestseller on Amazon it its category!

Want to connect? My email is christopheryguo [at] gmail [dot] com.

I built this website using Gatsby and React. It's hosted on Netlify (free!).